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About Pujari
A Pujari means one who does the Puja of God, also known as Pundit, Priest or Archaka. Pujaris are supposed to be experts in performing various Pujas and reciting sanskrit mantras.

Pujari Network
My Puja is building a Network of Highly Qualified Pujaris, in our first month purely by word of month 100 Pujaris have signed up and we continue to add more.
What is Pujari Network?
Pujari Network is a database of Pujaris that is being created by the My Puja Community.
Who can Join?
Anyone who Conducts Pujas in peoples homes or temples in the proper traditional way can potentially join the Pujari Network. While our focus is currently Pune city in India. Pujaris from various Cities in India and USA are already joining the Network.
How do I Qualify?
To ensure high quality of Pujas for the My Puja Community Members we do a thorough evaluation of the Pujari Credentials and issue each Pujari a Pujari ID Card, Create their Profile with reviews and make it available online.
Know a Great Pujari you want to recommend?Add a Pujari.

Are you a Pujari?

Every Pujari is welcome no matter what your background is or what language you speak!
You can get started in 3 Easy Steps below:

  • 1. Create My Site

    Simple click on the form below and fill it out and we will contact you shortly!

  • 2. Get my Pujari ID Card

    Once your registration and verification is complete you will be automatically added to the Pujari Network and receive your personalized Pujari ID Card as below.

  • 3. Start Receiving Invites!

    Once you are enrolled in the Pujari Network you will automatically start recieving requests from the My Puja Community for the following areas and more!

Create my Site now! or continue to read more about Pujari Badges.

Pujari Badges

Badges are displayed on your Pujari profile to make it more meaningful and easy for the Community members to find your services and past experience.
Premium Badge:
This is a special badge you can get this by opting in for all the Services when signing up.
Consult Badges:
These badges tell about the ways you can be reached or can conduct pujas.
Service Badges:
These badges tell about the various services you offer as a Pujari.
Payment Badges:
These badges tell about the various modes of payment that you accept.
Puja Badges:
These badges tell about the ways you can be reached or can conduct pujas.