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So, with this Simple Jquery Modal Window, it can be in any shapes you want! Simple and Easy to modify : )

Do my Puja
Do MyPuja is a simple way to do you puja online from any computer anytime anywhere in the world anytime you want!
Already a member? Do you know a great Puja that you perform at home?
How to do my Puja?
Do MyPuja is a simple way to get access to your beloved God and Goddess and complete your puja online. You can receive the divine blessings anytime from anywhere! This page contains steps depicting how to follow steps to Do MyPuja successfully.
Click Do My Puja
Once you login you will see the screen as shown.

Look for the Do My Puja link and click on it to start your Puja.
Select God to pray to
Simply use the scroll arrows to browse the MyPuja God Library.

Pick your favorite God by clicking on the God Photo.
Simply close your eyes and Pray or Write your Prayer next to your favorite God's Photo

Select Public or Private depending on whether you wish others to see this Puja or not.
Click Finish Puja when done!
View your prayer
View and Share your Puja with others to share or receive blessings!
Do my Puja benefits:
Quick and efficient!
Multiple God and Goddess!
Pray to your favorite God from Anywhere!
Peace in one click!
Access to Divine Blessing Anytime!
Pray for your Family and Friends!