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MyPuja - FAQs
For the basics of What, Why, How and Who you can refer to the About Us.
Q1.) Why did you start My Puja?
Since the age of 10 I(Aditya) was what one may call a very religious person, I would not eat without a shower and my morning prayer. Over the years I had lost this practice as knowledge and belief are strange bedfellows. Only much later through my failures I realized that being religious is about the 'Ritual' and being honest to yourself.
Q2.) Aren't there already 100s of similar websites?
My Puja is all about the rigd thht content ane right experience. There are 100s of websites that have tons of content which maybe very useful if you are planning to engage in academic research on Hinduism(or any topic). However, if your aim is to get the same mental and emotional outcome as you get in your life from a Temple Visit our a daily Puja ritual then these same websites fail to deliver. The same can also be said of the mobile apps that exist. My personal experience has been much better when using Mario, Nintendo and Angry Birds.
Q4.) What is the Origin of the word Puja?
It is rumored that the word comes from the Tamil word Poosai "to smear with something" and Poochei "to do with flowers". It is also transliterated in english as Pooja.
Q5.) Why not a different name?
Puja is an umbrella word which means both Temple(in the privacy of your home or the Inner Sanctum') and the Ritual of Praying.
Q6.) Which religion are you following?
My Puja aims to promote preservance and enrichment of rituals and culture. This can only happen if all humanity is involved and not just people who attribute themselves to 1 specific set of rituals, beliefs or culture. That said, our team is currently largely based in India and hence our initial content is certainly focused on Hindus (broadly define in the Constituion of India as people who practice or follow Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism or Sikhism.) We hope in the short term this focus will help us deliver a better Digital Experience.
Q7.) Is My Puja a for Profit Organization?
My Puja is currently under incubation and will become a non-profit company as it graduates out of the incubation period.
Q8.) Why do you have a .(Dot) Com Website?
You can visit My Puja using multiple domains including .org, .biz, .mobi, .net, .us and in. Simply replace the suffix after the word MyPuja.
Q9.) Where do you host your website?
Our website is hosted on a virtual machine cluster on
Q10.) What programming languages do you use?
We JavaScript (jQuery and other micro JS libraries). On the server side we use the Play Framework, it is RESTful framework and very scalable.
Q11.) Who gives you the content and images?
Our Content Moderators take interesting content from websites, much like a search engine would crawl and index information, except this is done manually to ensure that the best quality experience is achieved. We also have individual contributors who simple email us their work at If you are an organization and interested in a showcasing your content on our website for free, please write to us at partners [at]
Q12.) How are you funding salaries and other expenses?
My Puja was started by an initial donation from Kavan Life and Computing, Pvt. Ltd., this helps us pay money to our full and part time consultants and pay expenses of volunteers. We also looking at incorporating a separate non profit legal entity so we can take donations from other family foundations, organizations, temples and individuals.
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