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So, with this Simple Jquery Modal Window, it can be in any shapes you want! Simple and Easy to modify : )

Make a Wish
Make a wish is one unique way to express your long lasting wishes
Already a member? Do you know a great Puja that you perform at home?
How to Make a Wish?
You can submit Make A Wish and make it Public to receive blessing from others. You also Make A Wish and make it Private so that your selected friends and family members can only see it. Please find the step by step process to Make A Wish.
Make a Wish
Once you login you will see the screen as shown.

Look for the Make a Wish link and click to bring up the box where you can type in your wish!
Type your Wish!
Type what is that you Wish for in the box that appears as shown in the image below.

Select who should be able to view your wish, by selecting Public or Private image.

Click Post Wish!
Make a Wish Benifits
Keep your Wishes Private. Unlike other social sites your wish can be totally private and seen only by you!
Wish for anything! as long as it is 'Legally and Socially' acceptable
Get Family and Friends to Support your Wish. You can choose who knows what you are wishing and how they support you.