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MyPuja - The Vision
Lets pray your way.

What is My
  • Divine Connection

    It is a way for people to connect with divinity through various mediums such as pictures, videos of God(s), audios, speeches etc. of Gods/Goddesses, Spiritual Leaders, Temples and Festivals.

  • Preserve Culture

    It is a way for people to interact with cultural and religious content and thereby promote preservation and enhancement of religion and culture.

  • Online Temple

    It is a one of its kind Online Temple that lets people to connect with other people who are equally committed and interested in promoting Culture and Religion, specific God(s), Spiritual Leaders, Temples or Festivals.

  • World Peace

    It is a way for people to connect with themselves shed their Pride and Self-Righteousness and achieve self and world peace

Why My Puja?

In our fully digitally plugged-in socially-networked lives our connect with Divinity is lagging behind. The occasional Temple visits and Puja rituals are often missed as they are deemed inconvenient or often impossible just because of lack of time. Yet we have not completely forgotten about religion. Let us understand this better by looking at what the term 'MyPuja' means to various people.
  • Puja the Inner Sanctum:

    Most people still have a special sacred place within the privacy of their home called the "Puja" (an inner sanctum or Puja room if you are well to do!).
    People keep various Idols, Pictures, Holy Texts in this "Puja" location and it carries a special place in their minds as it helps them establish a level of calmness and closeness to divinity.
  • Puja the Ritual:

    The term Puja also denotes the Ritual of engaging with divinity by way of praying, making offerings, incantations and recitals.
    The digital equivalent of this experience either does not exist or is not powerful enough for people to feel the closeness with a digital Puja or allow them to perform the Ritual digitally. In our busy lives where the Temple visits and the daily Puja rituals are often skipped, it is our aim to help people bridge this gap.

    Yet we spend countless hours on Social Networks and feel close to real people who we interact with Digitally by sending them messages in 140 characters or even less!
    Clearly, there is a need for us to bring religion, culture and its related social interactions in a meaningful and powerful way into the digital world.

How are we doing it?

We have firstly defined 'Core Elements' that are needed for Religion and Culture preservation and its proper translation into the digital world with as less loss as possible due to the limitations of available mediums or interactions.

These elements are Portability, Simplicity, Quality, Interactivity and Personality.

  • Portability:

    Ability to Pray, Connect, Wish, Share anywhere anytime the same way a person would do it when they were by their Home Puja or Temple.

  • Simplicity:

    Our aim is to build a Simple Interface to divinity that is intuitive and easy to use and requires no learning i.e. it works in ways very similar to what we are already used to.

  • Quality:

    Relevant and Useful content is more important than the quantity of the content you get. Less is More. We endeavor to constantly improve quality, whether it is purity of physical ingredients needed for Puja or the highest quality Online experience.

  • Personality:

    Each Individual is unique. People often seek their personality, who they are or who they aspire to be, in the God(s) or Spiritial Leader(s) they follow. Our aim is to promote adequate personalization so as to enable the people to connect with the digital experience deeply.

  • Interactivity:

    The Puja rituals allow people to interact with the images/idols and other cultural artefacts in very interesting ways. Our aim is to 'provide means' to so people can peform these interactions both Physical and Digital with the benefits of Portability, Simplicity, Quality and Personality.

With the above defined 'Core Elements' we work on both physical and digital fronts to provide a superior Puja experience.
  • Physical world

    My Puja is a high quality portable Puja.
    So you can carry it to a Hospital when a loved one is unwell!
        Give it to your child when they leave for College or Boarding      school!
    Simply have it adorn your modern office without cramping its style!
    The Puja is designed well with care
         So you get the highest quality ingredients handpicked by team
    The ingredients, design and contents have Expert Validation from most respected Hindu Scholars and Pujaris
    World class & Global Team has contributed to its design.

  • Digital world is an online destination that offers Digital Puja and Cultural services.
    Do My Puja: Find your favorite God(s) online and do your prayers.
    Make a Wish: Add a Wish to your Puja or simply make a Wish for Pujas you may have already done elsewhere.
    Add / Upload Photos: Add Photos and URLs of Pujas, Cultural or other Life Events that mean significantly to you or where you are expecting an outcome. Add Wishes and Pujas to these Photos.
    Connect: Find others who also have the same Religious or Cultural preferences or desire for the same change you Wish to see in the world.

Who are we?

We are the My Puja Community is one of India's Fastest Growing communities as we bring on board more and more like minded people who get involved in various ways to help deliver the My Puja experience.

My Puja team is incubated through a donation made by Kavan Life and Computing a company that brings Solutions for your Life. is run as a not for profit division of Kavan Life and supported by the community members. All employees of Kavan Life voluntarily spend on an average 20 hours per month enabling and supporting My Puja activities in addition to many full time and part time non-salaried members of the Community.