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So, with this Simple Jquery Modal Window, it can be in any shapes you want! Simple and Easy to modify : )

Work Showcase Policy

Any content that is select by you of the web and included in a showcase must be attributed to the original source via a URL and a Name of the Author or Asignee of the copyright of that content and/or it must comply with all the license conditions placed on that content by the author.

With regards to selected content above you must also send our the Work Showcase email to the Content Author or Asignee. This work showcase email content is included in the email below.

Irrespective of the source of content or mode of content submission (email, self selection from the web or other source) the Work Showcase email must be sent and the image must be attributed appropriately.

Any content where an affirmatory response to the Work Showcase email has not been received must be shown MUST NEVER display more than 10% of the original content (purely as a reference for the creator or author to uniquely identify their work and made their inclusion or removal decision based on the Showcase). The 10% guideline is an upper limit, it is suggested that as a Content Moderator you showcase NOTHING but a reference ID with an attribution URL for the Creator or Author to identify the placeholder. An automated way for the author to uniquely identify themselves and then preview how the image looks in the Showcase can be provided, you can request by sending an email to with a copy to This facility will help the author Privately Review the Showcase with their image in it, before they can give a Showcase Inclusion or Removal Decision. As a Content Moderator you agree and accept that no copyrighted material shall be displayed without the permission of its Author and adhere to Fair Use Guidelines